Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Importance of Personal Projects in Software engineer's life

I felt like working as software engineer in software industry kills your passion in coding. Is it ? I think so. I have been working as a software engineer for past 4 years. I got placed through campus selection in a MNC. So what is the outcome after last 4 years. I became a baby in software industry. I neither got exposure to any new technologies nor any challenging job. We cannot blame the company too some extend. Because to some extend, the technology company uses depends on the client. I had a hardcore passion for coding in my college days. These days I hate coding to the worst extend it can go. Almost all coders will go through these kind of scenarios. So How to get rid of this.

Being a freelancer is a good idea. You are boss for your business. You are defining the architecture, you are implementing your ideas and the outcome is you are enjoying your work. Of course, the financial security of leaving a 9 to 5 job to be your own boss is the first drawback that would come to mind. So we need to find a optimised algorithm for tackling the problem.

So what is the algorithm for enjoying the coding and still being in software corporate world ?

The answer is Define personal projects and code the projects.

So from where we will get ideas for personal projects? For getting ideas we can walk through freelancing sites (Elance,, Vworker). Don't work on any freelancer jobs initially for money. That will pressurise you like hell. Just get the ideas and code for your own pleasure.So that we can sharpen our skills, enjoy coding, explore different levels of coding, publish blog posts, publish in sites like codeproject, we can help fellow coders in different coding community, present different ideas in you company team meeting and various other opportunities. And one of the other colourful thing, you will be a star among your team mates.

I am not good in writing blog posts. I just wanna ink my ideas some where. Some parts of my mind is calling me back. Build your ideas and be a world class coder. Happy coding!

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  1. Very nice post!
    I wanted to write about this for quite some time.

    The 'algorithm' you pointed is an excellent idea indeed.

    In fact, it's a very simple thing that any passionate coder can implement. Even if you are stuck at your day job, find something interesting or think of an application that will make your life better(since that is going to make other's life better too!) and develop on it in your weekends(or in the evenings after your job) till you have a product for yourself.

    Put it up on the open source market and let others build on it. Very good way to learn coding the hard way!

    Hope a lot of people get your idea!

  2. Da... The idea u proposed is very good one. 'An application that will make our life better'. That will be more interesting compared to freelancing projects.. :)

  3. nice post da...I'm going to start working on my coding skills...after a long time..need ur help throughout..

  4. Really good one..!!!....But it is not that much easy... as the same time it is not impossible.. First have clear picture, then start.. Otherwise it will be like my situation, start with one and switch to another... Around 4 technology/areas i have gone through the past one year.. including android,.net, FB application development,linux internals... The funny thing is I am not yet completed any.. Still behind new new things.. I remember one project done (not completed) by this Blogger and one of the top comment-or.. ha ha :) @mlg :- keep posting!!!