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The terrific power behind Prayer, Mantras, Temples and Poojas and how it works

Before going into the heart of post, I would like to tell something here. I mentioned temple as a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities referring to all religions. Temple is not constrained to Hinduism.

I spent my childhood with my ammoomma [Grandmother] in a village called, kanderi in Northern Kerala. Northern Kerala is blessed with lot of Theyyams. Ammoomma used to take me to watch Theyyam and tell lot of stories about Theyyams, Purana and lot of other stories about mantra. I have been running behind our mantras and different rituals from those days when my brain started embedding memories.

Initially when I heard that there is mystic power behind mantras, I also couldn't believe it. I read some books and they led some light into my exploration behind the mysteries of mantra. Half of the knowledge I got from the readings and other half I myself developed from the base of these readings and others. I just wanted to tell some basic concepts behind mantras and rituals. Probably I think I am able to get .1% in this vast Vedic tradition in India.

A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation". Mantras originated in the Vedic tradition of India. As you know, everything in this universe is driven by energy. Without energy nothing in this world can be alive. Every energy has precisely defined frequency. Everything in this universe has a sound which vibrates at a particular frequency. Mantras are the sounds of the language of the universe, the energy.If we want to tune into and access a particular universal frequency, chant the mantra that vibrates that frequency.

Our universe is occupied with a substance called "Akâsha" of the Hindus and the "Ether" of the Greeks, which allows the propagation of electro magnetic waves. As I said earlier, when we chant a mantra, frequency is generated. Every mantra is precisely crafted to produce a unique frequency. We need to chant mantra in such a manner to generate that unique frequency. A connection is established between our body and the energy field through resonance. This electromagnetic energy waves will start propagating through the Akâsha. Since all objects in universe is connected each other, all supporting particles and energy forces will start to support the electro magnetic energy generated from our mantra. The negative energy from our mind will be cleared and positive energy will start flowing to your mind. For each mantra there will be specific aim and the aim will be achieved. This is the basic theory behind mantras. So using mantras we can overcome what is specified in our horoscope or defined in palm.

So What is temples and rituals all about. Actually we all are going to temples and pray there. Normally, we don't need to go to temple and pray. We can achieve the same effect by praying from home or any other place too.The only thing is you have to concentrate and pray. The advantage of temple is since of everyday poojas in temple, there will be lot of positive energy in the surroundings. And the atmosphere will be clam and quiet. The architecture of our old temples is designed based on Vastu Shastra. The architecture is designed in a manner to continuously emit positive electromagnetic energy. And about the deities worshipped in temples. Since deities are being getting chanted by lot of mantras, they will have electro magnetic power resided in them. For smooth transformation of energy, men are advised to be bare chest while going to temple. As per our culture, Women are considered as epitome of energy. So women don't need to be bare chest while they are going to temple.

When we go to astrologer for a specific problem, they will advise to do some specific poojas and they will advise to go to temple on specific days. The basic science is electro magnetic energy for all these. I would like to ink an example here. An astrologer told my amma to go to a temple and do some poojas on birth star nalu [ I don't know how to write that in english. For eg:, avittam nalu day ] days. At first I thought what is the point of doing poojas on these specific days. I thought a lot and finally I got the answer. As I told earlier, when we are chanting a mantra, all other particles in universe are supporting us. On birth star day, the star will be at one specific position in the orbit and it will powerful than other positions and when we are chanting mantras on this day, the effect of mantras will be more powerful compared to other days.

"kannuthattuka" in malayalam is also doing the same thing. While "kannuthattubol", negative energy starts propagating and the negative energy will create negative effects on that object. If we are chanting a mantra, the positive energy created by this stop the flow of negative energy and "kannuthattal" wont affect us. Black magic is also using the same techniques. There are specific mantras defined for black magic. When we are chanting these mantras, negative energy will start propagating and will affect the concerned person.

I am stopping here and just wanted to tell that the basic concept behind the universe is electro-magnetic energy and our sages knew everything about our universe far far more than our modern science.

I wanted to write about this for quite some time. Finally I am able to write a brief note about Vedic culture. I am proud that we have this much big heritage but still sad that Indian's are running at light year speed behind western culture.

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