Thursday, June 2, 2016

FUJIFILM XQ2 - Portrait and landscape photography

I'm not a pro photographer, just an enthusiast!

I got a new FujiFilm XQ2 last week. Was playing around with it. My biggest concern was about portrait photography. I really like to take portraits with nice bokeh. Before buying I did some research in google, but couldn't find any major posts on this.

Looks like it's pretty good for half body portrait shot. I took some photos of my niece. I wanted to experiment on full body portrait also, but my niece got angry on me. :(
The picture quality is pretty awesome and color rendering is also really good. And as you can see, the picture came with a good bokeh. I did the shoot 1m - 1.5m away from the subject by zooming in with aperture at f/4.9. You can experiment with the different distance from the subject with different apertures.

These all pics are Straight Out of Camera.

XQ2 is really good for landscape as well. It cannot deliver ultra wide angle shots, but good enough for wide angle shots I believe. Sadly, there is no inbuilt neutral density filter in XQ2.

Thanks to my friend, Kundoli for these snow shots.