Friday, August 26, 2011

Missing her badly. Need to date her once more at least.. ;)

Missing those days badly..

“Very few people have ever said anything nice about Calcutta, unless they were Bengali.”
(Geoffrey Moorhouse)

Kolkata, She is sweet and cute, and will create a strong bond with you. She would never depart from you. If you had lived with her for even the least amount of time, you are sure to get a gift of warm memories that you will never forget in all your life! 

I was with her for 4 years. You can imagine the depth of bond that I shared with her. The weekends were always enjoyed with her company. She will take you to the streets for a casual walk where you can find a sea of humanity. Never ever you tire of her nor is there a boring moment around her! You can either go to high-tech Salt Lake where air-conditioned cars travel silently side by side with cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws. The auto-rickshaw drivers in Kolkata are simply awesome. They will never cease to amaze you with their driving skills. If you want to enjoy the true auto rickshaw ride, you should take a ride in Salt Lake on the morning of any weekday . They are very precise at keeping gaps in traffic. They will come as fast as they can and sharply and precisely stop the vehicle. And speaking of blocks, a traffic block in Kolkata is something you should experience at least once your life, especially in Salt Lake. You have to see it to believe it :D

Shot from Kolkata taxi in a rainy season...

She will always call you to City Centre, Salt Lake. You can't ignore that call as the joys of window shopping and roaming around are too strong of resist. After the mundane terrible 1 hour sleepy boring morning meeting in my company, she take you to the small poori kada, where you will get 4 poories and sabhgy [Potato curry] for 10 bucks and 1 rupee tea in a small cute clay pot. After that tea and chit chat from Shambhu dha's shop  where one can enjoy viewing the perfect style of cigarette smoking by a lady. Every day morning and evening, we meet this lady at Shambhu dha's shop (because one of my friends is a big fan of this lady's smoking style ;)). Actually I wished to photograph her smoking, but I was scared of the women's commission ;)
Waking up at 9.30 and then running behind the Garia Station - New Town bus to get into to reach the 10.00 AM morning meeting at office. Hanging onto the bus floorboard from home to office, where the whole road will be covered by yellow taxis. Oh..That was wonderful. Missing those days.. :(. Evening having hardcore spicy pani poori @ 50 paisa per pani poori.. Where else you can get this??? And I created a record there, 65 pani pooris in a single shot. But couldn't beat my beloved friend, Rahul M.R (akka, m.r) who marked a record of 72!!!
Playing football on weekends near by Karunamayi and fighting  with big fat guy, Santy Singh which almost always results in me falling down!  :). Then taking a taxi from Karunamayi; a taxi where the driver has already manipulated the taxi's meter to make it run at lighting speed and thus shows double the actual fare; Fighting with the guy to cut down the taxi fare finally ending up with us settling on a decent fare (tough to bargain with Bengalis ;) ! )
Central park near by Karunamayi is a wonderful place. Central park is a huge expanse of greenery meant for relaxation, but through out the day, it is taken over by young boys and girls on the lookout for seclusion. Elders find it embarrassing to stroll in its grounds for fear of suddenly finding scenes being enacted – scenes that are appropriate in the privacy of the bedrooms, not in the open, behind some shrubs!! :D
Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
On weekends morning after football I usually go with her to central Kolkata, where we will have appam and kadala curry, a mouth watering Kerala dish from a Kerala hotel in park street. Then walking in the streets of park circus where you can find another sea of humanity. Oh! Darling, you are photographer's paradise. She will always remember me that I have to do something to make these poor homeless peoples lives in a better way. Central Kolkata is the best part of Kolkata and this is the Old Kolkata. Central Kolkata has lot of things to show you, old buildings constructed at the time of British era, Victoria memorial building and lot more... Walking with her in these streets is a wonderful experience. That will relax you like anything.

How can I forget College Street, a wonderful place where we can walk into old Kolkata buildings. College street has book stalls from start to the end of the street and lot of stalls that offers 1000+ designs of unique wedding cards.

Gariahat, I probably spent most of my time with her in Gariahat . Endless road side shops where you can get everything from  salt to camphor at a very cheap price. Sriram market, New market in Esplanade, bargaining with shopkeepers for every paisa! They will say something  like 1000 INR for a small hand bag. and we would start at 50-100 rupees.. ha..ha.. Having famous mouth watering Kolkata sweets from sweet stalls and lot more...

This is a small taste of the beauty that is Kolkata...You should date her once in your life time..

Thanks to Aneesh Ramaswami for correcting grammar ...



  1. Machan... :P Aval ipo enikku swantham.. :P ingottu vannal kalu thalli odikkoola... begam ba.. anmukkonnu koodanam.. :D

  2. haha adipoli..njaanumaayittulla avalude dating innathode theerukayaanu..:'( eni njaanum oru vishaada kaamukan..ninnepole..lolkayaanu..:'( eni njaanum oru vishaada

  3. Enjoyed reading... Wanting to hear more from you...

  4. Two years ago, when I landed in Kolkata, I hated it. Never did I even imagine then that I would grow to love this place with all it's pluses and minuses. When you grow fond of something, you accept it for what it is (the good and the bad) and that is exactly what I feel towards Kolkata now. Great post!

  5. Would love to visit Kolkata some day....